Zong 4G MBB Wifi Packages Offer 2017

Zong 4G MBB Wifi Packages Offer 2017. Zong MBB Mifi package offer 2016 and  2017. Zong latest Offer 2016. Zong Mifi 4g internet package for all zong customer. Zong Mifi 24 GB internet package. Zong Mifi 50 GB internet package. Zong 100 GB Internet package. Zong 150 GB Internet offer 2016 And  2017. Zong mifi 200 GB Internet offer.


Zong 4G MBB Wifi Packages Offer 2017


Zong 4G MBB Wifi Packages Offer 2017


Zong 4G MBB Wifi Packages Offer 2017

Zong has been the best internet provider in Pakistan for quite a long time. Whether you live in the main cities of Pakistan or some under developing area, Zong offers the fastest internet around. Zong 4g offers upto 150Mbps blistering speed within reasonable rates.

In this piece, we have collected all the information about the current Zong 4g MBB wifi packages. Here, you will find all the details regarding Zong 4G MBB packages.

Zong 4G MBB Bundles:

Monthly Packages:

Package VolumePrice (inclusive of tax)
24GB1,500 RS
50GB2,000 RS
100GB3,800 RS
150GB5,000 RS
200GB6,000 RS

3 Month Package

Package VolumePrice (inclusive of tax)
24GB/Month4,000 RS

6 Month Package

Package VolumePrice (inclusive of tax)
50GB/Month12,000 RS

12 Month Package

Package VolumePrice (inclusive of tax)
50GB/Month24,000 RS

Good News:

Well, don’t go just yet. We have a great news for you. Zong is providing you 50% extra internet volume till February 2017 on every package.

Zong MBB Device Details

Okay, now you know all about the packages. But what about the device details? How much it costs?  You will find all the answers below

Zong is offering two 4G devices namely 4G LTE wingle and 4G MBB wifi.

Zong 4G MBB Wifi

Zong Mifi

This device costs around 3,100 RS because of the current discounted price.

  • Upto 10 devices can be connected to this device at a time
  • The battery of this device is 2,100 which means it can give you upto 8 hours f usage time
  • The stand by time of this device is around 40 hours.

Zong 4G LTE Wingle

The second device Zong has to offer is Zong 4G LTE wingle. Unlike the above device, it’s a USB type device and has no battery support.


This device costs around 2,000 RS and has no battery.

You just have to plug it to a power source (laptop, charger or power bank) and your device is ready to use.


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