Warid Prepaid LTE All 3G 4G Internet Packages

Warid Prepaid LTE All 3G 4G Internet Packages. Warid Hourly internet offer. Warid daily 3g 4g packages. Warid intenet 3 days offer. Warid Weekly 3g bundle. Warid Monthly-Mini new 3g 4g offers. Warid Monthly-Value 3g and 4g internet monthly offer. Warid Monthly-Smart offes. Warid Monthly-Big 3g internet bundle.


Warid Prepaid LTE All 3G 4G Internet Packages

Warid Prepaid LTE All 3G 4G Internet Packages

Warid Prepaid LTE All 3G 4G Internet Packages

LTE Prepaid Plans

Prepaid LTE Plans have been carefully designed keeping you in mind. The packages range from weekly to monthly categories so you can pick what is most convenient for you.

Internet BundlesPrice(PKR)VolumeValidityKeywordShort code (SMS)Internet Balance
Hourly10100 MB4 HoursDH47777*200*415#
Daily1050 MB24 HoursD247777*200*411#
3-Day25125 MB3 daysDB37777*200*437#
Weekly50250 MB7 DaysWB17777*200*471#
Monthly-Mini100500 MB30 DaysMBM7777*200*431#
Monthly-Value2001 GB30 DaysMBV7777*200*432#
Monthly-Smart3002 GB30 DaysMBS7777*200*433#
Monthly-Big5005 GB30 DaysMBB7777*200*435#
Monthly Super8008 GB30 DaysMHD7777*200*438#
Monthly Giant*100010 GB30 DaysMBG7777*200*434#
Monthly Mega*120012 GB30 DaysMMB7777*200*436#


Dial *777# for LTE menu to subscribe to any package and check your internet balance.

To subscribe via SMS, SMS the relevant Keyword to 7777. e.g. SMS MHD to 7777 for Monthly Super Bundle Add R before the keyword for a recursive variant of the bundle which will automatically re-subscribe after the term

Terms and conditions:-

  • In order to use LTE services, your mobile handset & SIM should be LTE supported. To get your LTE SIM, please visit your nearest Warid Business Center or Franchise
  • Mobile Internet bundle is available for all packages
  • Default rate, Usage without subscribing to bundles will be charged at Rs. 5 / MB
  • After Rs.50 of daily charging on default rate a bonus of 10MB will be awarded to the subscriber
  • The subscription of data bundle will stay valid even after shifting the prepaid package
  • This offer is only valid for Warid Prepaid and Glow customers
  • For more details dial 321 or contact nearest your business centre / franchise
  • Re. 1+tax will apply to all SMS sent to 7777
  • All applicable govt. taxes will be applied
  • LTE bundles will work both on 2G and LTE
  • 2G bundles will not work on Warid LTE

Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

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