Warid 4G LTE Adroid Mobile Internet Settings

Warid 4G LTE Adroid Mobile Internet Settings.Warid 3g and 4g LTE Mobile Internet satting.

3G GPRS satting for all mobile.Samsung mobile iternet sattig,Qmobile iternet satting.Hair Mobile iternet satting.Apple iphone gprs sattig.


Warid 4G LTE Adroid Mobile Internet Settings


Warid 4G LTE Adroid Mobile Internet Settings

Warid has launched 4G LTE services in Pakistan.

These settings will work on all LTE supported mobile handsets including Apple iPhone and other Apple devices, Blackberry, Android Handsets, Windows phones, Nokia, Samsung, Htc, QMobile, Hwawei, Sony Ericsson, LG and etc.

You can configure your handset for 4G / LTE settings in one of the three ways:

  1. Via SMS
  2. Manual Settings
  3. Warid Call Center / Service Centers

Internet settings via SMS:

To configure your handset via sms or to get automatic setting over sms. Write all and send it to 2333 via SMS. Rs 2 + Taxes apply. Use 0000 pin Code if prompted. Restart handset after installing setting.

Warid LTE manual settings:

Use these settings if required to configure your handset manually.

Configuring 4G LTE on Android

Fields to be filledWAP ProfileInternet ProfileMMS Profile
IP /Proxy/ Gateway Address10.
Homepage /URLhttp://wap.google.comhttp://www.google.comhttp://
User Name/ Username proxyBlankBlankBlank
Password/ Password proxyBlankBlankBlank
Internet Mode /Proxy protocolwaphttpwap
Use Proxyyesnoyes
Authentication typeNormalNormalNormal
Login TypeAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Session ModePermanentPermanentAutomatic
Data BearerPacket Data / GPRSPacket Data / GPRSPacket Data / GPRS


Warid 4G LTE Adroid Mobile Internet Setting


Login name< blank >
password< blank >
IP / Proxy / Gateway Address0.0.0.0
Port (if required)8080
Use ProxyNo
Internet Mode / Proxy Protocolhttp
Authentication TypeNormal
Log-In TypeAutomatic
Session ModePermanent
Data BearerPacket Data / LTE


User Name / Proxy< blank >
Password / Proxy< blank >
Wap gateway IP10.4.2.1
Port (if required)9201
Authentication TypeNormal
Session ModePermanent
Use ProxyYes


Configuration for MMSparameters
Login name< blank >
password< blank >
Wap gateway IP10.4.2.1
Port (if required)8080
Relay server/messaging server10.4.0.132/servlets/mms


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