Jazz+warid current prepaid internet+call packages

Jazz is a most wide network. It provides her services for his customers. Jazz+warid introduces a different package for his customers need. He brings daily, weekly and monthly packages to see the need of his customers. There are some 4G internet + call packages.                                                                                                                                                                         1-Jazz Gold Super Advance                                                             Don’t worry if your balance is low. Jazz brings an offer jazz gold super advance offer for his customers. Customers can get 30 rupees advance just dial the code *112# if their balance less than 15 rupees.

Code= *112#

Advance= 30 rupees

Back service fee= 7 rupees when you recharge your load.

                      2-Super Daily Offer

Jazz brings super daily offer for his users. If you want to buy this offer just dial the code *212# and get 300 Jazz+warid minutes.

Rest =14

Code = *212#

For status check = 2122#

For unsubscribe = 2124#

Time limit = Midnight

Minutes = 300

             3-Daily Data Bundle

It is a non- stop offer throughout the day. It is a one-day offer if you enjoy this offer just dial the code 1174#. You use 100 mbs for 24 hours and 1100 mbs (2am-2pm)

  1. = 20

Code =1174#

Status =1174*2#

Time limited = one day

100mbs =24 hour

1100mbs = 2am-apm

              4-Weekly Super Duper Offer

It is a weekly bundle. If you subscribe this bundle you can get 1500mbs+1500 Jazz+warid minutes +1500 sms +25 minutes for other network.

  1. =170

Code =*770#

For status =7703#

Mbs =1500

Jazz+ Warid minutes =1500

Sms =1500

Other network minutes =25

           5-Weekly Premium Offer

Jazz company provides different offers for the facility of his customers. Jazz brings different offers to different classes like poor, middle and upper etc.

  1. = 110

Code = 11747#

To check status =11747*2#

Validity = 7 days

Mbs = 2000

            6-Weekly Mega Offer

  1. =160

Code =*159#

Status =1592#

Volume =4000mbs

Validity = 7 days

         7-Weekly Mega Plus Offer

Jazz introduced a weekly mega plus offer for their customers. So you can plunge in the amazing world. Some cities can not avail this services like Bajour,Mohmand,Khyber,Orakzai,Wazirstan,Kurram,Kalat and Ketch.

RS.= 200

Code = *453#

To check the status = 4532#

Validity =7 days

Total volume =10 GB

5 GB = For 24 hours

5 GB = For (2am-2pm)

       8-Monthly Jazz Gold Offers

Jazz introduced this offer for the excitement of his customers. It is a big offer. You can enjoy this offer for 30 days.

  1. = 799

Code = *707#

For un-sub =7074#

For status = 7072#

Internet volume =5000mbs

Jazz+warid minutes =3000

Other network minutes = 200

Sms = 3000

              9-Golden Offer

It is a different offer for you. For this offer you can make your desire package yourself. You can make what you want. First time when you make a package you can get 5000mbs for free and mbs validity for 30 days. This offer for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Code = *7777#

For both prepaid and postpaid customers

         10-Make Your Own Buddle

  1. = As per customer’s selection

Code = *303#

One day

7 day

30 day

For one check status= 3031#

For 7 days check status = 3037#

For 30 days check status = 30330#










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