All Jazz SMS Packages Daily, Weekly to Monthly

All Jazz SMS Packages Daily, Weekly to Monthly. Jazz SMS Package. Jazz all sms package 2017. Jazz daily sms package. Jazz weekly sms package. Jazz monthly sms package. Jazz night sms package. Jazz full day sms package. Mobilink Jazz is the leading cellular services in Pakistan that will offer you SMS and text packages of diverse nature. Saying this will not be wrong that Mobilink Jazz offers convenient and economic call packages and SMS packages to its subscribers. Although SMS services are still being used in Pakistan instead of using it as a means of sending quotations, sayings, jokes and other stuff these are now used as a means for emergency discussion or leaving a message when there is now the instant availability of the recipient.


All Jazz SMS Packages Daily, Weekly to Monthly

All Jazz SMS Packages Daily, Weekly to Monthly
All Jazz SMS Packages Daily, Weekly to Monthly


Jazz Daily SMS Packages

There are 3 Mobilink Jazz Daily SMS Packages

  1. SMS Plus
  2. Daily Bundle
  3. Daily SMS+Whatsapp Bundle
  4. Mobilink Daily SMS Package
Subscription FeeRs. 2.38 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive150 SMS
Validity1 Day
Subscription String*106*1#
Un-Subscription String*106*4#
Status String*106*2#
Information String*106*3#

Mobilink Daily SMS Bundle

Subscription FeeRs. 4.77 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive1200 SMS
Validity1 Days
Subscription String*101*1*01#
Un-Subscription String*101*4*01#
Status String*101*2*01#
Information String*101*3*01#

Mobilink Daily SMS Package + WhatsApp

Subscription FeeRs. 5.98 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive1500 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp
Validity1 Day
Subscription String*334#
Un-Subscription String*334*4#
Status String*334*2#
Information String*334*3#

Jazz Weekly SMS Package

Subscription FeeRs. 13.13 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive1000 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp
Validity7 Day
Subscription String*101*1*07#
Un-Subscription String*101*4*07#
Status String*101*2*07#
Information String*101*3*07#

Jazz Monthly SMS Package

Subscription FeeRs. 47.79 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive10000 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp
Validity30 Day
Subscription String*101*1*02#
Un-Subscription String*101*4*02#
Status String*101*2*02#
Information String*101*3*02#


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