An In-Depth Guide for Students and Job Seekers


This post will guide you through the process of getting a job once after you have completed your Matriculation (SSC) Degree. Since, we realized that there are a number of people who look for government jobs soon after matriculation; therefore, felt the need to provide you an in-depth guide for students and job seekers who wish to job soon after the completion of their matriculation.

Initially, it must be known that that which government organizations / departments hire matric pass candidates. The answer to this question is here. There are a number of federal government and provincial government departments that hire matric pass candidates among which are Pakistan Rangers, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Army, Frontier Works Organization (FWO), Police, WAPDA, Livestock, Fisheries, Irrigation Department, Education Department,National Logistics Cell (NLC), National Rural Support Program (NRSP),Civil and Session Court, District Court, etc.

Next, you need to decide whether you want to work on part time basis, contractual, seasonal or permanent and full time basis. Since, you might want to do a part time job along with the continuation of your further studies. In another case, you might want to do a seasonal job during your summer vacations to earn some extra money and get some professional experience, you might want to do a contractual job for some time, or maybe you might want to do a permanent job for living and supporting yourself and your family. That is your own choice. Since, many federal government and provincial government departments offer job opportunities not only on full time basis, now days most departments offer contractual, seasonal and part time jobs as well. So make your job choices based on your plans.

Every month, Pak army announces a specific program for the youth and qualified generatio of Pakistan, So You must should check the opportunities in Pak army.

Besides, most government jobs also require additional skills as necessary requirement for the jobs that are offered on matriculation basis. Such skills might include typing skills, typing speed and expertise of computer operations, hands on practice of using Microsoft Office mainly MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Moreover, fluency of a language other than your mother language is necessary. The most widely used language is English. The candidate must have verbal and written fluency in English since it has become a necessity in many departments for the candidates to know English language since that is the language in which all the office operations and work is done.

Last and the most important thing is to keep in touch with platforms that keep you updated regarding the latest job openings. Since, reading newspapers is more of a hassle. Online job advertisement platform are the most effective now. In order to stay updated and get the latest government job openings that hire applicants bearing a matriculation degree keep visiting our website and subscribe by clicking the bell icon on the right hand side at the end of the page. Since GOD helps those who help themselves!

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