How To Block Ufone Uknown Callers And SMS

How To Block Ufone Uknown Callers And SMS. Ufone bust offernig unknown person blocking offer. Unknown call block offer. Ufone unknown sms block offer. Ufone creates it very easy to
block an received call or number to block. If someone creates trouble for you. Stop this caller or unnecessary calls. Maximum 20 numbers are able to be blocked from one sim. Firstly forward sms to 420 “sub”. For Blocking a Number or Call Write block number in message to forward to 420. Such as block 0333123456.


How To Block Ufone Uknown Callers And SMS


How To Block Ufone Uknown Callers And SMS


How To Block Ufone Uknown Callers And SMS


This post is to tell how to block numbers on ufone network in Pakistan (blocking both local and international numbers).

Ufone provides facility to its users to block unwanted numbers disturbing them by calling or texting them just to irritate them or so. You can block unwanted calls and sms on ufone sim from Pakistan or any other country too using this method.

Continue reading the article to know how to block numbers on ufone, how much it cost and other details regarding this feature.


How to block a number on ufone from calling or sending an sms to you

Numbers can be blocked on ufone by both calling on 420 or by sending an sms. However we will focus on sms method.

Subscribe for u-block service by : write SUB and send a message to 420


Block/Unblock number on ufone:

To block sms and call from a number, write BLOCK 0333xxxxxxx and send it to 420

To unblock a number on ufone, write UNBLOCK 0333xxxxxxxx and send it to 420

To view all blocked numbers list (blacklist): write LIST and send it to 420


How to block international numbers on ufone

When trying to block international numbers starting with plus sign number like +966 or +1 or any other country code, please make sure that you enter the complete number starting with “00” and not “+” sign.

For example:

This is wrong: +923331234567

This is correct: 00923331234567


U-block Charges:

U-block subscription charges are 3.75 rs + tax / week (almost 20 rs per month)

Every sms sent to 420 will cost 1rs + tax


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