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Zong 3G 4G Daily Weekly Monthly Internet Bundles

Zong 3G 4G Daily Weekly Monthly Internet Bundles.Zong 4G is offering many packages on the basis of daily,monthly and weekly internet bundles.They claim that their offered packages are simple, innovative, affordable and fastest. Lets explore different internet bundles of Zong 4G.Zong internet packages, Zong 4G packages, Zong 3G packages, Zong internet packages 2016, Zong net packages, Zong 3G internet packages, Zong 4G internet packages, Zong 3G offers, Zong packages internet.


Zong 3G 4G Daily Weekly Monthly Internet Bundles

Zong 3G 4G Daily Weekly Monthly Internet Bundles
Zong 3G 4G Daily Weekly Monthly Internet Bundles

Zong 4G is based on fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology, LTE (long term evolution), succeeding 3G. According to the recent survey of PTA, Zongwas declared as the fastest mobile broadband in the country with speeds multiple times higher than 3G.

Daily Mini Offer:

Volume: 20 MB

Validity:1 Day

Price: Rs.5

Daily Basic Offer:

Volume: 100 MB

Validity:1 Day

Price: Rs.15


Daily Premium Offer: 

Volume: 200 MB

Validity:1 Day

Price: Rs.25

Weekly Package Offer:

Volume: 700 MB

Validity:7 Day

Price: Rs.70

Monthly Mini Offer:

Volume: 150 MB

Validity:30 Day

Price: Rs.50

Monthly Basic Offer:

Volume: 500 MB

Validity:30 Days

Price: Rs.150

Monthly Premium 2 GB Offer: 

Volume: 2 GB

Validity:30 Days

Price: Rs.300

Monthly Premium 4 GB Offer:

Volume: 4 GB

Validity:30 Day

Price: Rs.500

Monthly Premium Plus 10 GB Offer:

Volume: 10 GB

Validity:30 Day

Price: Rs.1800

Monthly Premium Plus 20 GB Offer:

Volume: 20 GB

Validity:30 Day

Price: Rs.3500

Chose the most suitable package and subscribe it by dialing Dial *6464#.

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Zong has introduced 3G, 4G daily, weekly and monthly internet packages at very affordable price. Zong has introduced four daily internet packages with are named as Daily Mini, Daily Basic, Daily Premium and Zong Nightly. They has introduced only one weekly package which is named as Weekly Premium. They have also introduced 8 monthly internet packages which are named as Monthly Mini, Monthly Basic, Monthly Premium 1 GB, Monthly Premium 2 GB, Monthly 4 GB, Monthly Premium+ 10 GB, Monthly Premium+ 20 GB and Monthly Premium+ 30 GB.   The details of all these packages are shown in the below table.


Zong 3G 4G Daily Weekly Monthly Internet Bundles

Packages Volume Validity          Price          Activate
Day Time Offer 1 GB 4 am to 12 pm Rs. 10 sms dto to 6464
Daily Mini 20 MB 1 Day Rs. 5 sms mini to 6464
Daily Basic 100 MB 1 Day Rs. 15 sms db to 6464
Daily Premium 200 MB 1 Day Rs. 25 sms dp to 6464
Nightly 1 GB 1 to 9 am Rs. 6 sms gno to 6464
Weekly Premium 700 MB 7 Days Rs. 70 sms weekly 6464
Monthly Mini 150 MB 30 Days Rs. 50 sms m150mb 6464
Monthly Basic 500 MB 30 Days Rs. 150 sms m500mb 6464
Monthly Premium 1 GB 30 Days Rs. 250 sms m1gb 6464
Monthly Premium 2 GB 30 Days Rs. 350 sms m2gb 6464
Monthly Premium 4 GB 30 Days Rs. 650 sms m4gb 6464
Monthly Premium+ 10 GB 30 Days Rs. 1500 sms m10gb 6464
Monthly Premium+ 20 GB 30 Days Rs. 2500 sms m20gb 6464
Monthly Premium+ 30 GB 30 Days Rs. 3500 sms m30gb 6464



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